Bird and travel photos

Ages ago, I, like many others before and around me, had a travel blog. I called it "Itchy Feet" and documented my global bird-related wanderings. I don't have that anymore, but I do still travel (less) and take pictures.

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SoCal Guiding

Need a bird guide around Los Angeles County or Southern California?

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I lead tours professionally in Ecuador for WINGS. If you want in, or just information about a possible Ecuadorian adventure, I know my way around that country pretty well, and can hook you up with the right itinerary.

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The Old Leaftosser...

Changing of my hosting details here at GoDaddy caused me to have to start over on my website. The old version is still on the server. I can no longer make edits to it easily, but you can still visit it. There are many great photos and accounts from the road.