Covid Catch-up, Part 1

When Covid struck and reality came to a halt, I was recently back from touring in Ecuador. There wasn't much going on and I wasn't doing anything that motivated me to continue this blog. But, it's been on my list, so a year and  half later, and ten days before I leave for Ecuador again, I'm trying to get back into some kind of regular posting groove. I'm going to start with some non-bird highlights of these post-before-times.

Swordfish in the Santa Cruz Basin
Swordfish in the Santa Cruz Basin

Though I barely left my neighborhood most days, I was still conducting bird surveys for Edwards Air Force Base which gave me access to the Piute Ponds when they were closed to all others. Bird-wise, it was perhaps the most rarity-free time I've ever spent there (except for a Glaucous-winged Gull and a Lucy's Warbler), but it was pretty decent for non-birds (particularly invertebrates).

Though Edwards AFB received most of my attention, I got around to a few other places, too, both local and on various places when I was stirred into movement.

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