Fall in Cape May


Dawn Flight

Most of the considerable number of birds that migrate through Cape May in the fall go by like this Palm Warbler. Most go by high, fast, non-stop, unidentified and uncounted. Digital photography has added another dimension. When in doubt, shoot, and identify later. Like our gun-toting birding ancestors.

A few other highlights

There were some nice things from the weekend. The best bird was one that we missed, a Cassin's Kingbird that flew by the hawkwatch platform, was mis-identified as the more common (but still rare) Western Kingbird, but identified correctly later from photos. We were on the Point that day, so it was near us somewhere. I wonder what else we missed without knowing?


Clay-colored Sparrow

Del Haven

This was with other sparrows along the street on Saturday morning.


Sedge Wren


We heard about this one found by dawn-flight watchers in Villas. We arrived shortly thereafter, and it was still about.




Better views went un-photographed.

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